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    2019---CMB Achievements and Honors

    ? In January 2019, CMB was honored as an “AA-Level CSR Reporting Enterprise” in the “A-Share Listed Companies” Social Responsibility Report Summit Forum and 10th Anniversary Ceremony for Social Responsibility Report Rating of Listed Companies” organised by Rankins CSR Ratings (RKS) and SGS-CSTC.

    ? On the list of “2019 Top 500 Banking Brands” released by The Banker (UK) in February 2019, CMB ranked the 9th with a brand value of USD22.48 billion, up by 2 places from the previous year, and was present among the top 10 for the first time.

    ? In February 2019, at the “Private Banking and Wealth Management Award Ceremony 2019” organised by Euromoney, CMB won the “China’s Best Private Bank” Award for the 9th time.

    ? In March 2019, CMB won the “Best Credit Card Business Development Award” and “Best Technology Innovation Award” at the award ceremony for the “2019 China Retail Bank” held by Asiamoney. In addition, CMB received the “Best National Joint-Stock Bank” Award for the “Private Bank of China 2019 “held by Asiamoney.

    ? In May 2019, CMB was awarded the “Best Electronic Transaction Bank” at the ceremony for the “2019 China Bank of Excellent Transaction” held by Asiamoney.

    ? In May 2019, CMB won the “Best Financial Innovation Award” in the selection campaign for the “2019 Finance Innovation Award in China” organised by The Banker (China).

    ? In July 2019, CMB ranked the 19th on the list of “Top 1000 World Banks 2019” released by The Banker (UK) with a tier 1 capital of USD75.39 billion, up by 1 place from the previous year.

    ? In July 2019, the list of Fortune China 500 was published, on which CMB ranked the 38th with a revenue of RMB248.555 billion. In the same month, CMB appeared on the list of Fortune Global 500 for 8 consecutive years, ranking the 188th, up by 25 places from the previous year.

    ? In July 2019, CMB received the award of “Best Bank in China” at the “2019 Awards for Excellence” Ceremony staged by Euromoney.

    ? In July 2019, CMB was honored as the “2019 Best Asset Management Bank” at the award ceremony for the “12th Golden-Shell Award of China Asset Managements” hosted by the 21st Century Business Herald.

    ? In July 2019, in the “2019 International Excellence in Retail Financial Services Awards Ceremony” organised by The Asian Banker, CMB was honored as the “Best Retail Bank in China” for the 10th time and the “Best Joint Stock Retail Bank in China” for the 15th time.

    ? In August 2019, at the awards ceremony for the “2019 All-Asia Executive Team” held by the Institutional Investor (US), CMB championed all the seven awards in banking sector in Asia, including “Honored Companies”, “Best CEO”, “Best CFO”, “Best Corporate Governance”, “Best IR Company”, “Best ESG/SRI Meyrics” and “Best IR Professional”.

    ? In September 2019, CMB won two exceptional awards, i.e. the “Best A-share Listed Company in 2019” and the “Best Corporate Management in Asia for the 30th Anniversary” at the annual awards ceremony held by Asiamoney. In addition, CMB was granted the “Best Corporate Finance and Investment Bank in China” and “Best M&A Financing Business” Awards at the ceremony for the “2019 China Excellent Corporate Finance and Investment Banking Awards”.

    ? In November 2019, CMB was awarded the “Star of Family Office and Wealth Management Star” at the awards ceremony for Star of China organised by Global Finance (US).

    ? In November 2019, CMB won three exceptional awards, i.e. the “Top 10 Best Employers”, “Most Socially Responsible Employer”, and “Most Admired Employer by Women” at the awards ceremony for the “Best Employer in China 2019” jointly organised by Zhaopin.com and Institute of Social Science Survey, Peking University.

    ? In December 2019, CMB received the “China’s Private Bank of the Year” Award at the ceremony for “Asian Banker 2019 – Global Wealth and Society Awards Program” held by The Asian Banker.

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