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    About U-BANK
    As a key part of CMB's all-in-one net, U-BANK is developed to enable customers to enjoy CMB's banking services in office, at home and branches in other cities by connecting customers' PCs with CMB's servers through the Internet or other public information networks.  
    U-BANK's vision
    U-BANK builds a close tie between us, through which our dreams can be realized.
    U-BANK will fuel your growth and booth your success.
    U-BANK provides warm services wherever you are and communicate with you sincerely.
    U-BANK is here just for you and provides professional and customer-tailored online banking services to facilitate your businesses and financial management.
    U-BANK is a revolutionary online banking service platform in the era of rapid IT and Internet growth.
    U-BANK brings us closer together!We know and serve your needs.
    Innovation and Connection
    Based on our reflection on the future of the Chinese banking industry, U-BANK is developed to rev up cooperation between CMB and corporate customers. By connecting our corporate customers throughout the world, it will bring infinite potential for new banking services. In addition, to provide sincere and customized banking services, we have continued developing innovative products and services for U-BANK users. As your trustworthy financial partner, CMB will continue adhering to the value "Changing with Situation, Changing for You" and provide customer-centered banking services. We will aggressively improve the U-BANK platform and help our corporate customers grasp the latest information and economic climate.
    As a valuable supplement to the CMB's "Corporate Finance" service portfolio, U-BANK 6.0 boosts the brand equity of "Corporate Finance". It has the following advantages:
    Adhering to the service principle of "Changing for You", the product aims to serve companies varied in management modes and to provide customized online banking solutions for corporate customers. By offering a customer-tailored and flexible range of online banking services, it can help companies distribute their internal resource properly, manage assets on the Internet and adjust their businesses to the network and economic development.
    The product has embodied CMB's core competitiveness in continued innovation. Based on CMB's new corporate banking platform, it has incorporated a massive array of innovative and valuable services to facilitate cooperation between the bank and customers.
    It inherits the high security of the original online corporate banking system and adopts the digital certificate security system to protect fund transactions and other key transactions. Moreover, the system is connected to PBC's modern payment system to enable customers to transfer money across regions and manage assets efficiently.
    U-BANK 7.0
    Based on cloud computing and low-carbon financial operations, U-BANK7 delivers intelligent user experience, global financial control capabilities, and mobile bossiness operation services. The solution has set the standard for enterprise banking service and incorporated more than 70 banking products and 100 services. CMB has pioneered a broad range of internet banking services, such as online banking interconnection, international RMB settlement, automatic overdraft, ECD bills, offshore finance, self-service exchange settlement, and agency-based clearing. In addition, the bank has established an extensive and exclusive after-sales network for online corporate banking that comprises a professional after-sales service team, customer service hotline, online inquiry, and Internet community, injecting new vitality to companies amid a new economic era.
    Development of U-BANK
    CMB released the Corporate Customer Terminal in November 1995;
    CMB released Online Corporate Banking 1.0 based on the Corporate Customer Terminal in April 1998;
    CMB released Online Corporate Banking 2.0 in November 1999;
    CMB released Online Corporate Banking 3.0 in September 2000;
    CMB released Online Corporate Banking 3.8 in April 2002;
    CMB released Online Corporate Banking 4.0 in October 2003;
    CMB released Online Corporate Banking 5.0 in November 2005;
    CMB released Online Corporate Banking (Corporate Finance Edition) in May 2007;
    CMB unveiled the new brand "U-BANK" and released U-BANK 6.0 in May 2008;
    CMB released U-BANK 7.0 in October 2010.
    All the contents stated above are for your reference only. Please consult the local branch of China Merchants Bank for further information. China Merchants Bank reserves the ultimate right of interpretation for the contents in this page.
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