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    CMB Offshore Banking Services

    Offshore banking caters to the financing needs of non-residents by efficient utilization of overseas capital. In May 1989, China Merchants Bank became the first to pilot offshore banking services in P.R.C, approved by People’s Bank of China and State Administration of Foreign Exchange of China (SAFE). 

    CMB Offshore Banking Department’s location in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone adjacent to Hong Kong, the world financial center, allows it to adapt to international offshore practices and create a standard and mature business model through years of operation. With enriched experiences and a professional team, CMB has developed a series of offshore banking products that connect onshore and offshore financial resources and established a widely recognized offshore banking brand renowned for its specialized and comprehensive services.   

    CMB Offshore Banking Department is committed to serving non-residents living or registered beyond Mainland China (Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan included). Individuals, corporations (including Chinese enterprises registered overseas), government agencies, international organizations and other non-residents are all welcomed to be our respected customers.

    Offshore banking customers are entitled to enjoy a series of premium services that link offshore and onshore businesses seamlessly, such as remote banking, fund management, express settlement, and convenient financing, especially suitable for multinational groups with transnational operations.

    Notably, our remote banking services are especially designed to enable offshore customers to bank without coming to the counter. The secure and effective account control documents (including payment passwords and signature specimens) combined with online corporate banking services enable customers to transfer funds and make international settlements, monitor balances and transactions of their accounts wherever around the globe, without leaving offices.

    Opening an offshore account with CMB empowers you and your companies to transfer funds easily and freely without incurring interest tax. The accounts boost dual functions of settlement and savings, with interest accrued on a daily basis and paid every quarter.

    Fundamental Products and Services
    1. Deposits of convertible currencies such as USD, HKD and EUR.
    2. International settlement, including L/C, collection, remittance, L/G and related FX trading.
    3. Trade chain finance that cover inward and outward bills, forfeiting, remittance, factoring and insurance of credit guarantee.
    4. Traditional credit services for working capital loans, fixed assets loans, and project financing.
    5. Organization of and participation in international syndicate loans.
    6. Shipping finance.
    7. Guarantee and witness services.
    8. Consultations and advisory services.
    9. Other offshore banking services approved by the regulatory authorities.
    All the contents stated above are for your reference only. Please consult the local branch of China Merchants Bank for further information. China Merchants Bank reserves the ultimate right of interpretation for the contents in this page.
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