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    Android mobile banking
    Development Details
    After releasing the CMB iPhone mobile banking App, CMB has launched the Android App to provide Android users with financial services via an outstanding mobile banking package.
    System introduction
    CMB and non-CMB customers can use the CMB Android App on mobile phones running the Android 1.6 (or later) OS.
    CMB's unique "Financial Assistant" enables Android users access to the latest financial information.
    CMB customers can use their CMB debit and credit cards to log in to the Android mobile banking system (all-in-one card/credit card/all-in-one net) to check balances, transfer money, pay credit card bills, pay phone and household bills, and subscribe for and redeem funds, and use financial products. You can apply for expanded mobile banking services to increase your daily maximum remittance limit to RMB50,000, and access other convenient mobile banking services.
    ★ Multiple protective measures ensure account security
    To ensure mobile banking security, the CMB Android App combines SSL encrypted communication with security measures such as idle-time limits, the detection of IP-address changes for login, and settable transfer limits. Users have to input an identity code sent to their mobile phone to perform any monetary transactions.
    Powerful functionality You can manage multiple cards under one account, and enjoy a full range of wealth management and online personal banking services.
    We provide 24-hour online banking services to help you manage your financial life via your mobile phone;
    For example, you can remit money without specifying the debited account in advance, or enjoy our broad network of partner retailers for a superior shopping experience!
    We provide a unique "Financial Assistant" to enable you the access to the latest financial information.
    Android mobile banking provides a full range of mobile banking services including:
    The latest financial information via a user-friendly virtual assistant
    Users can obtain the latest financial information without logging into mobile banking, including:
    • 1
      Financial market information such as deposit interest rates, loan interest rates, fund NPVs, financial products, FX rates, and the price of gold;
    • 2
      Bank information including ATM, branch and self-service bank locations, and GPS bank searches;
    • 3
      Various calculators including deposit and loan calculators, a foreign exchange calculator, and a mortgage calculator;
    • 4
      Information about CMB's special offers;
    • 5
      The latest information about securities, funds, foreign exchange, and gold;
    • 6
      The latest stock prices;
    • 7
      Service fees and the CMB hotline;
    • 8
      News and announcements about CMB's new products and services;
    • 9
      Convenient flight booking services;
    • 10
      Mobile phone bill payments to China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom;
    • 11
      The CMB store where users can buy lottery tickets and enjoy discounts at CMB-supported businesses; and
    • 12
      Inquiries about wait in times in a branch
    Mobile banking incorporates all the regular financial services of the All-in-one card and CMB credit cards, including:
    ★ Account management: All-in-one card and credit card balance inquiries; transaction inquiries; password management; report lost cards; set transaction limits for ATMs/POS;
    ★ Money transfer: applies to All-in-one cards and credit cards; other banks’ accounts; and CMB time, deposit, current, notice deposit, and securities accounts;
    ★ Investment management: fund inquiries, fund subscriptions and redemption, wealth management account, securities quotations, buy/sell entrusted financial products, bank-securities transfers, buy/sell gold and check gold prices, AU(T+D) transactions, assets and holding inquiries, order/transaction inquiries, gold account registration, gold account transfers, change customer information, change account passwords, change transaction account numbers, and manage loans;
    ★ Remittance: to another CMB account or other bank account in the same or different city, transfers via the receiver’s mobile phone number, receiver information management, transfer and payment applications, and transaction inquiries;
    ★ Online payments: inquire about transactions and set payment limits;
    ★ Bill payments: pay phone bills and other bills;
    ★ Foreign exchange management: purchase and settle foreign currencies;
    ★ Credit card management: manage credit card limits, inquire about transactions, set repayments, and manage bonus points;

    Other functions
    Remittance, message and email reminders of your personal schedule, message reminders of fund NAVs, and mobile phone accounting (for example, daily expenses); Money transfer by entering the receiver's mobile phone number.
    Prerequisites and Procedures
    You must have a smart phone that runs Android 1.6 or above to use the CMB Android mobile banking App. The procedure for installing the mobile banking App is as follows:

    For all-in-one card/credit card/all-in-one net users
    ★When your phone is connected to the Internet, download our App from the CMB website. Choose your login mode, and input your account number and password.
    ★ The following login modes are available: All-in-one card, credit card, or All-in-one net.
    ★ You can use the App to manage multiple All-in-one cards and credit cards in the same way as you can through Online Banking (Professional Edition). If you require this function, register an All-in-one net account on CMB's website and use the account to log in to Online Banking (General Edition). Then, associate your all-in-one and credit cards with the account. When you log into mobile banking with your All-in-one net account, you can manage all the associated All-in-one cards and credit cards.
    All the contents stated above are for your reference only. Please consult the local branch of China Merchants Bank for further information. China Merchants Bank reserves the ultimate right of interpretation for the contents in this page.
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