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    Gold Trading Service
    This service comprises purchasing Zhaocai Gold, paper gold, and gold and silver products on behalf of customers.
    Zhaocai Gold
    About the Service
    Through the Zhaocai Gold service, CMB trades precious metals quoted on Shanghai Gold Exchange and handles settlement and delivery activities on behalf of individual customers, and helps them obtain real gold from the exchange.
    Risk warning:
    CMB provides market analyses and forecasts for your reference only. Gold prices may vary with global political and economic factors and unexpected events. You should fully understand the risks and losses that arise from gold trading. You are fully and solely liable for the trading orders you send to CMB based on your own judgment and decision.
    Trading hours of Shanghai Gold Exchange:
    9:00-11:30am and 1:30-3:30pm, Monday through Friday
    9:00pm-2:30am, Monday through Thursday
    Trading hours may vary subject to prior notice.
    Trading method:
    CMB helps you apply to Shanghai Gold Exchange for buying or selling gold at given prices. The exchange handles your applications on a ‘price and time first’ basis.
    Your orders filed through CMB can be partly executed. You can cancel open or partly executed orders.
    Shanghai Gold Exchange delivers gold on the T+0 day, which means you can buy and sell gold on the same day. The exchange settles payments on the T+1 day, which means you can collect the payment on the next trading day after you sell the gold.
    Gold products for trading:
    Currently, the Shanghai Gold Exchange provides the following spot gold products for individual trading: Au100g, Au99.99, and Au99.95.
    The following table details the specifications of each product:





    Basic quotation unit

    0.01 yuan

    0.01 yuan

    0.01 yuan

    Basic trading unit




    Basic delivery unit

    Integer multiples of 100g

    Integer multiples of 1,000g

    Integer multiples of 3,000g





    Gold products for trading may vary subject to the exchange notice.

    Application Guide>>
    Operation Guide

    Gold Trading


    Special Account Management

    Buy order

    Sell order

    Cancel order

    Delivery request

    Remaining fund

    Orders on the current day

    Closed orders on the current day

    Past orders

    Past closed orders

    VIP Transfer inquires

    Delivery request forms

    Daily settlement

    Open account

    Transfer fund

    Change customer profile

    Change password

    Reset password (professional edition only)

    Change trading account (professional edition only)


    Information on this page is for your reference only and may differ from the announcements and specific rules issued by our local banking outlets.

    Paper gold
      Various methods of trading: online banking system in general edition and professional edition, and WMA professional edition
    A complete set of orders: instant order, board order, stop order
    Long trading hours: 24/7 paper gold service
    A high discount: a deep discount for high-value transactions
    Long valid order term: Your order remains valid for up to 5 days.
    Customized service
    The system rejects your order and gives an alert if you enter an invalid price.
    The system provides an alert if your price differs largely from the market price.
    About the Paper Gold Service
    1. What is CMB’s paper gold service?
    CMB receives your trading instructions through a designated channel, trades paper gold at prices published by CMB, and settles payments accordingly. Physical delivery is not permitted for individual paper gold trading, and transactions are recorded in book entries.
    2. How can I benefit from CMB’s paper gold service?
    The service helps you extend investment channel and improve asset allocation.
    3. Target Customers
    The service targets individual customers who have opened an All-in-One Card or Wealth Management Account (WMA) and deposited renminbi and foreign currency funds with CMB.
    4. Trading Currency
    You can trade paper gold in renminbi or US dollars.
    5. Trading Price
    Available on three levels, the price varies with international market prices.
    6. Minimum Amount of Trading
    CMB requires the minimum amount of each paper gold transaction to be an equivalent of 0.01 ounce or 0.01 gram gold.
    7. Trading Hours
    CMB allows you to trade paper gold between 8:00am Monday and 5:00am Saturday Beijing time. CMB has the right to reschedule the trading hours according to conditions.
    8. Trading Orders
    CMB supports four types of orders: instant order, board order, stop order, and cancel order.
    9. Trading Channels
    CMB provides three channels of trading: online banking system in general edition and professional edition, and WMA professional edition.
    10. Application for Individual Paper Gold Trading
    Present your identification certificate and WMA or bank card at any local CMB outlet for trading paper gold. Complete the CMB Application Form for Individual Paper Gold Trading and sign the CMB Individual Paper Gold Purchase and Sale Agreement. Upon confirmation by the counter clerk, you can trade paper gold through CMB’s trading system.
    All-in-One Card holders can apply to trade paper gold through CMB’s online banking system in the general or professional edition.
    You can also apply for trading using a WMA.
    Operation Guide
    General or professional edition:  Investment Management > Paper Gold
    WMA: Investment Management > Paper Gold

    Purchasing Gold and Silver Products for Individuals
    About the Service
    Thanks to its stable value, gold has become the world’s best financial tool to protect against inflation, and retain and increase investment value. As approved by relevant authorities, we purchase gold and silver products on behalf of individuals to meet their investment requirements. After selecting suitable gold and silver products and qualified suppliers, we accept purchase orders from customers through our banking outlets.
    Value retention: Historically, real gold and silver products have proven more resistant to inflation and risks than other financial products.
    High quality: We purchase gold and silver products from famous manufacturers. Accompanied by inspection certificates, these products deliver assured quality to ease your post-purchase worries.
    A wide selection of products: We offer a wide variety of investment-oriented and culture-themed gold bullions and also gold and silver collections that are exquisitely designed to meet varied customer requirements.
    Low price: Slightly more expensive than raw gold, our gold products provide a high long-term investment value.
    Applying for the Service
    Application time:
    9:30am-4:00pm Monday through Friday. The schedule may vary subject to local CMB notice during holidays.
    Quotation unit:
    yuan/g; yuan/piece
    How to apply:
    Apply to trade gold products at prices published by CMB at any banking outlet with a valid CMB All-in-one card.
    • A.
      Go to a local CMB outlet that offers the service;
    • B.
      Complete the Application Form of Purchasing Gold and Silver Products for Individuals;
    • C.
      Confirm trading prices with a bank clerk.
    • D.
      Deduct payments from your all-in-one card.
    • E.
      The bank clerk prints the purchase confirmation form.
    • F.
      Check the gold and silver products and related documents from the bank clerk.
    • G.
      Complete the transaction.
    Risk Disclaimer
    Currently, CMB does not buy back the gold or silver products it has purchased on behalf of individuals.
    As an individual investor, you should fully understand risks relating to the purchase of gold and silver products. The market prices of both can fluctuate with changing political and economic factors in a global context.
    All the contents stated above are for your reference only. Please consult the local branch of China Merchants Bank for further information. China Merchants Bank reserves the ultimate right of interpretation for the contents in this page.
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